Skill Building Workshops

Descriptions & Intended Audience

Raise Your Volunteer IQ to New Heights!
The current political situation is a “call to arms” for Dems and progressives across the state. The need for more volunteers is large. Future success depends on active and engaged volunteers. However, many challenges exist when recruiting new volunteers and energizing past ones.

Attend this session to learn:
- Where are the 2014 & 2016  volunteers?
- Why people join organizations and volunteer
- How to avoid the 8 deadly sins of working with volunteers.
- How to recruit more volunteers with new and proven techniques-Dos and Don’ts
- How to use fresh ideas to improve the retention of current volunteers
- How to overcome three major barriers to recruiting Baby Boomers & Millennials

Grow Your Progressive Power-Now!
Every year, progressive organizations invest hundreds of hours on elections and campaigns with limited results and few prospects for the future. No longer. Success will take new (and smarter) activities customized to local communities. You’ll benefit by increasing your knowledge and how to translate it into success at the ballot box.

Attend this session to learn:
- Power and influence-How to build it
- Why some strategies work and others die a slow death
- How to confront the “Mega Problem” faced by both Progressives and Democrats
- Three well-kept secrets about billionaires and their political strategies
- How to develop two fresh approaches to elections in your local community
- Best practices used by other WI progressive groups.
Intended Audience
The workshops are intended for candidates, campaign managers/staff, County Democratic party organizations, progressives and independents. The foundation concept-it is for people who want to "increase their skills" so they can create change sooner. People who enjoy active learning situations will flourish in the workshop. The content is based on the latest research and thinking related to systems thinking, group and individual behavior. All content has a theme of advocating for progressive values.

Follow Up (Optional)
 If interested, participants can meet after the workshop to continue some additional learning about workshop topics.  Webinars will be used for this supplemental learning.

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