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    Workshops are available to progressive groups, County Democratic organizations, and/or individual campaigns.
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    Use the Nav Bar to learn more about Roe Parker, Professional Trainer. Scroll down for a brief overview.
  3. Tools
    The intent of the web site is to provide tools to progressives and Democratic organizations so they can create successful campaigns and experiences for volunteers. Go the Progressive Tools page for access to the tools.
  4. Cost
    The cost of the workshop varies by the local and situation and distance from Madison, WI. The foundation costs are the printing of handouts, travel expenses (if any), and a six-pack of craft beer (to keep the instructor motivated!).
  5. Intended Audience
    The workshops are intended for candidates, campaign managers/staff, County Democratic party organizations, and progressives and independents. The foundation concept-it is for people who want to "increase their skills" so they can create change sooner. Read more on the workshop page.
  6. Workshop Follow Up
    If requested by participants, follow up learning may be available after the course. This learning will use a "communities of practice" approach and include coaching to help you customize your learning to your needs.
Your Instructor
About Roe Parker

Roe Parker is a professional trainer, member of the Association for Talent Development, and is certified by Toastmasters International.  He also has certifications in problem solving, team building, program evaluation, and project management.

His political experience was gained as a county board supervisor and leader/staff person in 8 political campaigns-presidential, congressional, state, and local.

Roe's project management courses were featured for 14 years at the
UW - Madison Small Business Development Center.

He previously instructed highly rated grant writing workshops for Madison College, UW-Oshkosh and the United, Way-Eau Claire. His courses have supported over 110 nonprofits and 250 grant writers.

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